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Al-P-based crystal alloy Al-P-based crystal alloy


Al-P-based crystal alloy

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The eutectic and overcrystalline Al-Si-Si alloys are widely used in phosphorus deterioration to meet volume stability and high temperature performance requirements. Its joining is mainly aictophos, phosphorus salt, phosphorus-copper, but the deterioration effect is unstable, and there is still the following disadvantages: low red phosphorief, transport is not safe, the reaction is severe, emissions P2O5 toxic gas; phosphorus salt Large, corrosion furnace lining, pollution environment; phosphorus - copper melting point is high, difficult to dissolve, and segregation.

Based on the above background, Shandong University invented AL-P-based seed alloy and successfully promoted the application.

Implementation Effect
Compared with the traditional process (shown in Figure 3-1A), the AL-P crystal alloy new process avoids P2O5 toxic gas emissions, combining alloying and deterioration, simplifying, reducing energy consumption, and casting process environments Friendly (Figure 3-1B).

(a) Traditional phosphorus salt metamorphism and its shelter; (b) new process and its residue in AL-P
Figure 3-1 Comparison of traditional metamorphism and Al-P-based alloy application

The Al-P-based crystal alloy can significantly improve the gold phase level of the Al-Si-based alloy, improve the mechanical properties and volume stability of alloy strength, abrasion resistance. For near-eutectic Al-Si alloys (Al-12Si multi-alloys shown in Figure 3-2), the primary crystalline silicon can be induced on aluminum matrix to precipitate. For over-eutectic Al-Si alloy (AL-20SI alloy shown in Figure 3-3), the size of the enrichment can be significantly refined, from 200 μm or less to 40 μm or less, and distributed is more uniform.

The AL-P crystal seed alloy was increased by 63.9% by the National Non-ferrous Metal and Electronic Material Analysis.

(a) Undequiable treatment; (b) after adding 0.6% Al-3P crystal seed alloy

Figure 3-2 Comparison of Al-12SI Multi-Gold Gold Phase Tissue

(a) unchanged treatment; (b) After adding 1% AL-3P crystal seed alloy
Figure 3-3 Al-20Si alloy gold phase organizational comparison

Product advantages
More than a hundred companies at home and abroad have shown that the AL-P-based seed alloy has the following characteristics:
Adding convenient, easy to operate, use the process working environment clean and non-pollution, environmentally friendly.
The phosphorus absorption rate is high, the amount of addition can be accurately controlled; the metamorphism is stable, long-acting, and the gold phase level.
Make product stability and reliability significantly.
The synchronization of the metamorphic process and the alloying process can be achieved, which significantly improves production efficiency.

Product specifications and application areas

Serial number

Brand number


Application field




Ø Normal crystal Al-Si-tie metal metamorphism

Ø Overmese Al-Si-Si-Side Alloy Refining Processing

Ø Remove aluminum CA, NA impurity element

Ø Al-Mg-Si alloy primary crystal Mg2Si refinement



Rod / ingot






Rod / ingot




Table 3-1 AL-P-based crystal seed gold number and application field


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