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The company can also provide corresponding technical services and technical support, and timely resolve the technical problems encountered by customers, as follows:
Smelting technology
The fuse of the alloy, purification, refinement and deterioration of metamorphic treatment, alloy casting process, control of solidification tissue, etc.
2. Preparation of composite materials
Preparation Technology of reinforced aluminum matrix composite materials such as TIB2, TIC, SiC.
3. Alloy melt quality detection
Alloy melt structure, viscosity, aluminum melt-containing amount, microfearing element, various alloy solid transition points, melting point, liquid phase and solid phase temperature test, etc.
4. Macro and microstructure analysis of alloy
Grainness, deterioration, pinopeneness, 50-4000 times gold phase tissue analysis and photo, EPMA (electronic probe) and SEM (scanning electron microscopy) analysis, etc.
5. Mechanical performance testing
Hardness, tensile strength and elongation, etc.
6. Standards and standards
Preparation of Aluminum Alloy Samples, the formulation of factory production quality standards.
7. Casting defect diagnosis
Analysis and Quality Assurance Measures of Various Castings Defects.
8. Some of the relevant paper issued recently
This project team has also carried out a large number of research work around the relevant fields, published a series of papers, providing technical support for the use of company products.

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