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Anti-Si poisoning ALTIC-B crystal alloy Anti-Si poisoning ALTIC-B crystal alloy


Anti-Si poisoning ALTIC-B crystal alloy

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The α-Al dendrites or eutectic groups in the sub-complex and near-eutectic Al-Si-Si-based alloy are abnormal, which not only leads to shortening, segregation, reduction, and shrinking holes, but also reduces mechanical properties, and the snow spot is directly Coarse alpha-Al dendrite results, as shown in Figure 1-1. AltiB or alphae refinement α-Al grains are usually used, but the Al-Si is invalid, because there are Si \"poisoning \" phenomena, the refinement effect is within 1 min.

(a) Clear \"Snowpot \"; (b) Casting Golden Phase Tissue Correlation

Figure 1-1 ZL104 alloy roulette casting surface \"Snowpot \" and internal coarse α-Al dendrites

In this context, the Shandong University invents the ALTIC-B crystal alloy of anti-Si poisoning, which contains anti-poisoned dopant seed crystals, and thus fundamentally solves the above problems.

(a) Micro tissue; (b) nanocrystalline distribution, morphology and scale characteristics

Figure 1-2 ALTIC-B nanocrystalline type alloy

Implementation Effect

ALTIC-B has excellent refinement effects on Al-Si-Si-Si-Si-based alloys, significantly enhances the mechanical properties and casting fluidity of A356 aluminum alloys, and the effect is better than that of AltiB intermediate alloys, such as Table 1-1 and Figures 1-3.
Table 1-1 A356 alloy mechanical properties and liquidity data contrast A356 alloy mechanical properties and Al5Ti1b

A356 Add Al-3Ti-1b (0.009% Ti) Add ALTIC-B (0.006% Ti)

Figure 1-3 A356 alloy refinement effect and comparison with the effect of the AL-3TI-1B intermediate alloy

A military industry enterprises use ALTIC-B crystal alloy refined deterioration of ZL114A aluminum alloy metal-type casting heat treatment material for σb = 370 MPa, σs0.2 = 320 MPa, and elongation Δ5 = 8%.

ZL114 Add AL5TI1B (add 0.01% Ti) Add ALTIC-B (add 0.01% Ti)

Figure 1-4 ALTIC-B crystal alloy on ZL114 alloy refinement effect and comparison with the effect of Al-5Ti-1B intermediate alloy

ALTIC-B crystal alloy can greatly refine the α-Al-AL primary crystal in an eutectic Al-Si alloy, indirectly improve the distribution of primary crystal Si (Fig. 1-5), eliminating the use of Al-5Ti-1b due to melting The trouble of cast waste.

(a) Not added; (b) Add 0.25% ALTIC-B crystal alloy
Figure 1-5 AL-20SI-1 mg alloy gold phase organizational contrast

Technical advantages

Anti-Si \"poisoning \" has a significant effect, excellent refining effect, and within 2 hours of the insulation.
Eliminate casting defects such as pouring, loose, \"Snowpot Hotspots\", enhance mechanical properties and processing performance.
The seeded scale is submicron, overcomes the disadvantages of particle aggregation, plugging the filter in AltiB.


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