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Heat resistant wear-resistant low expansion Al-Si-SiC new material

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The SiC is used as a commonly used enhancement phase of aluminum alloys, which can effectively improve the high temperature mechanical properties of materials, wear resistance and improve thermal expansion properties, so that materials are widely used in high-speed trains, fuel vehicles engine and brake components. However, there is currently a plus method of introducing SiC in an aluminum alloy, and there is often a problem of interface reactions, poor wettability, large size and aggregation distribution; there is few reports on SiC in situ in aluminum alloys, and it is difficult to use to actually produce.

Based on this, Shandong University has successfully developed an Al-Si-SiC new material containing a large number of in situ to generate SiC particles, with excellent heat resistance, wear resistance, and low expansion and other properties, and low cost and melt.

Implementation Effect

Micro tissue of the Al-Si-SiC new material is as shown in Figure 8-1, the SiC particle scale distribution interval is 0.2-2.5mm, and can be regulated according to application applications. Engine components prepared by the material such as piston, cylinder, etc., as shown in Figures 8-2.

Figure 8-1 Microstructure of Al-18.3 Si-16.7 SiC Materials and SiC (White Particles in Figure) Scale Distribution

Figure 8-2 AL-Si-SiC New Material (A) and its product piston and cylinder (B)

The Al-Si-SiC new material has excellent high temperature mechanical properties, wear resistance and thermal expansion properties: Al-12Si-Cu-mg-Ni-1.5sic new material 350 ° C tensile strength can reach 104 MPa, compared to Al-12Si -CU-MG-Ni alloy increased by 35%, and the coefficient of friction coefficient of 350 ° C was reduced from 0.166 to 0.149; the average thermal expansion coefficient of Al-16Si-16 SiC is as low as 8.3 × 10-6 / k, see Figure 8-3.

Figure 8-3 AL-Si-SiC new material 350 ° C high temperature tensile properties, wear resistance and thermal expansion properties

Product advantages

Contains a large amount of submicron scale SiC particles generated, and the interface is combined.

It has excellent high temperature mechanical properties, high temperature wear resistance and low expansion properties.

The types and content of its alloy element can be flexibly regulated as needed, and the SiC mass fraction can be regulated in the range of 0.1% -30%.

It has excellent melt, facilitating industrial production and application, and can be recovered.

Has a price advantage, the cost is low.

Product specifications

Al-Si-SiC new materialThere are two main rods and ingots.

Application field

Applicable to engine parts and brake components for preparing high-speed trains, fuel cars.

Suitable for preparing electronic packaging devices.


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