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High heat transfer / electric aluminum alloy Al-B-C crystal seed alloy

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The Al-Si-compressive cast aluminum alloy is often used as a heat dissipation material for electronic devices due to the advantages of high strength, excellent thermal conductivity, excellent casting performance; 1xxx and 6xxx-based aluminum alloy are the most common aluminum conductor materials. However, the strength and thermal conductivity of the aluminum alloy is a pair of contradictions. It is often used to improve the strength of aluminum alloy, often at the expense of their conductive conductive properties. So, how to solve this contradiction is the important puzzle that is currently facing.

To this end, Shandong University has successfully developed an Al-B-C crystal alloy (hereinafter referred to as Al-B-C) capable of synergistic aluminum alloy mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and conductivity.

Implementation Effect

A die-casting enterprise in Guangzhou applies Al-BC to the third generation of crimping heat aluminum alloy (Y7), which increases the tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and thermal conductivity, respectively, by 8.4%, 9.6%, 10.8%, 2.6% respectively. Mechanical performance is synchronized with thermally conductive performance to meet production needs.

Applying to 1070 conductive aluminum alloys, synchronization has greatly improved its mechanical properties and conductivity: tensile strength increased by 51%, and the conductivity is also increased from 61.4% IACS to 62% IACS, see Figure 5-1.

Figure 5-1 Al-B-C Application in Y7 die-casting heat aluminum alloy and 1070 conductive aluminum alloy

Product advantages
The application process is simple, the application process is clean and non-polluting, environmentally friendly.
Synchronize aluminum alloy mechanical properties and thermal conductivity and conductivity.

Product specifications and application areas
Al-B-C mainly has two specifications of rods and ingots. Suitable for the synergistic improvement of thermally conductive aluminum alloys, conductive aluminum alloy mechanics and thermal conductivity.


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