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Mg-Al-alloy refinement ALC-M crystal alloy Mg-Al-alloy refinement ALC-M crystal alloy


Mg-Al-alloy refinement ALC-M crystal alloy

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The grain refinement of the MG-Al is the effective means of solving performance short boards such as low absolute strength, plastic deformation capability, and the most commonly used refinement is mainly carbon-containing gas and chloride (CO2, C2Cl6), carbon Single tissue (graphite), carbonate (CaCO3, MgCO3), etc., all have problems such as complex, environmental pollution, and instability.

Based on this, Shandong University invented an efficient and stable, green, green, green-m-m-M crystal species (ALC-M) suitable for use in MG-Al tunnel, to solve the above problems.

Implementation Effect

Alc-m was applied to AZ91 magnesium alloys, and its α-mg grain average can be refined from 320 μm to 76 μm, and the strength and plasticity of alloys are also effectively improved. Moreover, Alc-M is highly efficient, stable and anti-recession, as shown in Fig. 6-1, for Alc-M-AZ31, AZ63, and AZ91 alloys.

Figure 6-1 Alc-M pairs AZ91, AZ63, AZ31 alloy refinement effect

Product advantages

Efficientness: Add a seed alloy to 15 minutes to achieve better refinement, which can be refined to 1/3 of the original size.

Anti-recession: refinement effect does not recession within 3 hours.

Green Environmentally: Applying Alc-M avoids flue gas emissions and waste pollution caused by traditional processes.

Product specifications

The ALC-M specification is divided into two types of ingots and rods.

Application field

It is applied to a Mg-Al line alloy (such as AZ91, AZ63, AZ31, etc.) grain refinement and tollization.


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