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Si-P-based crystal alloy Si-P-based crystal alloy


Si-P-based crystal alloy

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High silicon aluminum alloy is a self-generate metal base composite, which is good to be plated with gold, silver, copper, and nickel, and can be welded to the substrate, which can be used as an electronic package material. However, when the Si content is greater than 25 wt.%, The primary crystal Si is easy to grow, and the traditional refinement method is difficult to work. This studio has first applied a Si-P crystal alloy, combined with ALTIC-B crystal alloy, and realizes the fine crystal treatment and dispersion distribution of primary crystal Si in high silicon aluminum alloy.

Implementation Effect
Si-P crystal alloy can significantly refine the primary crystal Si in high silicon aluminum alloy, even if the Si content is 30%, the action is still very significant, the average size is refined to 30 μm, and the metallographic tissue reaches the level (Figure 4-1) And the use of simple, green environmental protection, refinement and alloying process is one, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

(a) Undequiable treatment; (b) after adding 0.3% Si-10P crystal seed alloy
Figure 4-1 Comparison of Al-30Si Multi-Alloy Gold Metals

After adding a micro-Si-P crystal seed alloy to the Mg-Si alloy, the coarse primary crystal Mg2Si branches can be changed to a small dispersion, as shown in Figure 4-2.

(a) Undequited treatment; (b) after adding 0.2% Si-P crystal seed alloy
Figure 4-2 Comparison of MG-8Si alloy alloy

Product specifications and application areas

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Ø Overmese Al-Si Alloy Ethyl Si Refinement Treatment

Ø Super high silicon aluminum alloy primary crystal Si refinement and homogenization

Ø Si semiconductor P doping




Table 4-1 Si-P-based crystal seed gold medal and application


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