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Zr aluminum alloy special ANTI-ZR crystal seed alloy Zr aluminum alloy special ANTI-ZR crystal seed alloy


Zr aluminum alloy special ANTI-ZR crystal seed alloy

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Al-5Ti-1b or Al-5Ti-0.25C fine agent containing Zr high performance aluminum alloy, all of which are Zr \"poisoning \" - refining effect, resulting in thickness of alloy solidification, not only reduced Casting mechanical properties and processing properties, and leading to cast defects such as thermal cracking, strain, pores.

For the above problems, Shandong University invented an anti-Zr \"poisoning \" high-efficiency Anti-Zr crystal alloy (Anti-Zr), fundamentally solving the difficulty of refining this industry with Zr aluminum alloy.

Implementation Effect

Figure 2-1 Influence of the refinement effect, mechanical properties, liquidity and thermal splitting sensitivity of the Anti-Zr crystal mold alloy on 7050 alloy

Anti-Zr has excellent anti-Zr \"poisoning \" capability, its refinement effect is highly efficient and long-lasting, which can reduce the coarse dengine crystals in the original alloy tissue into fine equipoto crystals, and can effectively Improve the yield strength, tensile strength and elongation of the alloy while increasing casting fluidity, and can also significantly reduce the thermal sensitivity of the alloy, reduce the thermal crack of the casting, Figure 2-1 is an Anti-Zr to 7050 alloy modification effect .

Anti-ZR solves the production problems such as pouring, thermal cracking and strong plasticity in the production of high-strength aluminum alloy castings in Shandong Province.

Product advantages
Anti-ZR \"Box \", the refinement is remarkable, and can reach the primary grain size or more.
The grain refinement effect has long-term, and the insulation is recession within 1 hours.
Eliminate casting defects such as pouring, thermal cracks, and improve the mechanical properties of the product and process process.

Product specifications and application areas

Anti-Zr mainly has two specifications of spindles and filaments. Suitable for grain refinement and tollization containing Zr aluminum alloy (including various deformations and cast aluminum alloys).


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